On May 5, 2003, the Altoona City Council recognized the Altoona Area Historical Society as the City's official organization to collect, secure, and preserve the artifacts and records of the City of Altoona and surrounding areas.  

‚ÄčThe Altoona Area Historical Society was organized by a group of dedicated people committed to preserving our local history. Its purpose is to promote history, preserve historic landmarks and sites, and display articles of historical value.

The goals of the Altoona Area Historical Society are to create an Altoona Area Historical Museum and to educate citizens about our local history. 

about us

The Altoona Area Historical Society is established to collect and secure artifacts and historical records representing Altoona, Iowa and the surrounding area for the purpose of preserving our American Heritage.

The AAHS is a member of:

  • Altoona Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Iowa Museum Association

Our Mission